Catching Up With Some Inkerman Osborne’s

Inkerman caught up with some old friends–a pair of three-year-old Inkerman Camel-Suede Osbornes! We wanted to hear about the shoes–where they’d been, and how they’d held up. What we discovered below.


What’s the most exciting place you’ve been in your Osborne’s?

Probably a black sand beach on the Big Island of Hawaii.


Wow, can you tell us about the paint splotches?

Okay–this one I’m not super proud of–I was roped into painting my friend’s apartment–and was caught unprepared in my loafers. Several hours later I was deemed a very good friend, but with paint-splattered loafers. I actually get compliments that my shoes look rustic–so I’ve decided to keep the look.


Any rain storms?

Yep. Definitely got stuck in a couple of those. My Osborne’s have held their own, though.

What does the future hold in store for them?

IMG_2718-2I am going to pass this pair on to my little brother. He finds their weathered look hip or something. I, on the other hand, have been eyeing the Navy Suede Osborne’s for quite some time.







A Match With Inkerman

Inkerman’s annual Tennis Match took place this June in Watch Hill, Rhode Island. The Inkerman Max made it’s debut, where the durability and breathability of the sneaker was put through its paces!

The Inkerman Max, in Polar White, made a splash on the courts.


The Inkerman Max features a natural rubber sole and a full-grain leather upper.


The Max’s leather upper is semi-perforated–making it ideal for any activity.
The Max maintains a gentle profile while having a lightly tiled tread for versatility.


The game was a smashing success! Catch us next summer for more innovative summer designs.

My Inkerman Story

Two weeks ago Inkerman received a very kind testimony from a happy father who had been gifted a pair of Camel Suede Osborne’s.

“I love my Inkerman’s

They are beautiful, very comfortable with great and equally nicely designed insoles…evidence of close attention to detail

They skate line between kind of dressy and kind of informal hence occasion and outfit flexible, as well as being a shoe for all seasons from summer to winter

Always getting compliments

Cool for a guy my age”

Richard – Brooklyn, New York


Summer 2017: Max and Charlie Are In!

Come cool off at Inkerman in our Polar White Charle and Max shoes! After six months of development, Inkerman is proud to announce the release of its first trainer shoe.

The Inkerman Charlie

The Charlie White’s smooth leather profile makes it the perfect summer shoe. The Charlie’s lining features perforated leather in certain sections to provide breathability and comfort in all conditions.

The Inkerman Max

The Inkerman Max has a semi-perforated exterior for increased breathability. The Max is available in Polar White and black.

SATRA Leather

The leather which composes each Inkerman shoes is sourced from the United States. SATRA, a UK based technology organization, found its start developing the climbing boots worn by Tenzing Norway and Sir Edmond Hillary in the 1954 first ever summit of Mount Everest.

Image Courtesy of SATRA

Today SATRA develops leather grading rubrics and systems for shoemakers to acquire the desired quality leather for their product. Inkerman uses Grade-A leather in all of its leather shoes. Inkerman only works with tanneries and manufacturers accredited to SATRA’s rigorous protocols.

Visit Inkerman to see how we have employed SATRA leather in our new Max and Charlie sneakers!


Behind León: The Craft Of Inkerman

Boyton raw

Two summers ago, Inkerman sent a photographer to investigate the handmade process that makes our product the quality it is. What follows is a preview of the Inkerman Boyton shoemaking process, which will also be released in video form later this month!

Screenshot 2017-06-26 12.24.56Screenshot 2017-06-26 12.29.05Screenshot 2017-06-26 12.23.40

Inkerman sources U.S. grade-A cowhide. The supple leather is placed against aluminum templates designed by the master shoe designer. Every other cut the hooked-blade cutting implement is sharpened.

All Inkerman shoes feature our supple inner leather linings; the linings are cut using the same process, shown above, which forms the “upper” of the shoe.

In this image, the foxing of the brogues that compose the upper of the Boyton shoe are individually cut using a dye-press. The press, a modified sewing machine with a counterweight and a hand-wheel, precisely shapes the leather.

In order to achieve the flared foxed eyelets characteristic of a brogues shoe, the punched leather is folded against itself, creating a raised border of dimpled leather.

Here the finished brogues fabric is sewn to the vamps and quarters of shoe, producing the “upper” of the shoe.

With the upper complete, the fabric is placed around a last, or foot template, to have the leather shaped to the dimensions of the sole it will be matched to.

The completed upper of the shoe is joined with its natural rubber sole; the two are bonded with a contact-binding adhesive.

The finished product!